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By Emajane Fisher

Medium & Materials: Acrylic, Pastel & Pigment on Board Framed in Hand Stained Japan Black Vic Ash

Measurements: 92 x 62 cm

Witnessing the Space Between Us (2024) Catalogue Item*

  • Melbourne-based multi-media artist, Emajane Fisher, has been exploring emotional and contextual processing through somatic movement-based line.

    Originally from a science background, Emajane’s work has developed in response to an extreme period of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which forced her to re-evaluate her relationship
    with perfectionism and our collective obsession with productivity.

    Her work rejects those overbearing constraints, leaning into imperfection and abstraction through intuitive, embodied, movement. Her mark making is a visual representation of her experience somatically processing and integrating visceral emotions. Her practice reflects the importance of simple pleasures and connectedness, in figuratively expressed emotions.

    Emajane is a self-taught artist and has exhibited work across Melbourne’s inner-north. Her debut solo show ‘Of Body and Mind’ took place June 2023, in Brunswick. Emajane’s work has
    seen interest from interior designers where she has worked on bespoke installations and murals. She also designs custom graphic art/branding elements, festival installations and

  • Embracing Empathy envisions a world liberated from patriarchal constraints, elevating compassionate empathy from an elective to a fundamental metric. This work challenges patriarchal constructs that devalue nuanced perception and integration of incoming stimuli.


    Emajane challenges the dogma prioritizing physical evidence by embracing embodiment and intuition as valid sources of knowledge. She uses information rich bodily sensations and emotions to inform somatic movement in 'A Sense of Knowing'.

    The absence of women’s voices in data is a cause and consequence of gendered hierarchy in our relationships, beliefs, values and physical landscapes. This failure to conceive diverse interpretations and experiences is characteristic of a society that undervalues holistic understanding and denotes emotional response as problematically female. 'Witnessing the Space Between Us' celebrates a fictitious empathetic world, coloured by understanding.

    Emajane’s abstracted work represents the inherent ambiguity that occur between people when understanding diverse perspectives, and acknowledging opposing views may both be valid. ‘Tales Gleaned by Tracing Perception’, employs translucency and viewpoint discrepancy to both obscure and unveil the subjects, allowing for more visual information, without overwhelm.


    This work urges the audience to consider how patriarchal constructs impact our interpretations and perceptions of the world and promotes empathy, despite all odds.

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