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  • Who curates Platform Exhibition?
    Platform Exhibitions' events are curated by Jessica Dang, a Naarm-based photographer and art enthusiast.
  • When did Platform Exhibition start?
    Jess' first curated exhibition dates back to June 2018 in Amsterdam. In her return, she decided to bring the same energy back to Melbourne with her first exhibition in light of International Women's Day in March 2019 at Marfa Gallery. International Women Day's became an annual staple of her curated events until 2021 where she branded 'Platform Exhibitions' in 2021 as a commitment for more exhibitions, more often.
  • What is Platform Exhibition's mission statement?
    "Artists support artists support people support people" We uphold a circular view that as artists we have the duty to uplift each other, support our community and in turn, can lean on the very same community for support. We believe that It is only as a collective can we learn, grow and flourish as an individual. Together, we can come together to do great things for our community because at the end of the day, art will always make an impact on society.
  • What are Platform Exhibition's values?
    Community: To foster a community with like-minded artists, musicians and art and music lovers to work and uplift each other. Representation: To foster a community with like-minded artists, musicians and art and music lovers to work and uplift each other. Fundraising: To curate events that have a common goal with the community to raise funds and awareness for organisations and causes that matter to them. Inclusivity: To actively ensure that gender, age, sexual orientation, different ability and income are not barriers to arts practice or participation
  • When do applications for exhibitions usually open?
    We aim to release application forms via our website 2-3 months before the exhibition date. Those who subscribe to our mailing list receive our application pack and form in advanced via email.
  • What are the criteria for selection?
    Please check each application pack as they may difer according to each exhibition theme. Generally speaking, applications are open for all people aged 18 and up. Our exhibitions are for artists of all skill-sets; emerging, established or professional. We scout for artists of all different art mediums. If you haven’t seen work like yours presented with us before, there’s all the more reason to apply. For those who have showcased with us before and looking to do it again, we are currently only accepting applications from those who have only showcased with us once before.
  • What is the fee for exhibiting?
    We provide a variety of incentive for artists to get involved as we know that exhibition fees can be a big burden on artists. We ask artists to sell 8 guests tickets as a fee for our exhibitions - in this sense, by the support of your family and friends, you are not out of pocket when exhibiting with us. Artists can also instead opt in to make a $120-160 upfront payment instead.
  • What is the application process like?
    Via a google form, artists are asked the following: - your contact details - your portfolio/CV - your art proposal - 3 community questions Once submissions are closed, we will reach out once submissions to let you know if you are successful or not.
  • Do you take commission for sales?
    Yes, we take a 15% commission for each art sale made on the day.
  • What day do you set up for the event?
    We usually set up the night before or the day of the event (specifics will vary with each event). We request that artists drop off their works during that time frame so that our team can curate the space.
  • What type of artwork do you look for?
    We aim to showcase a variety of different mediums at each of our exhibition so accept a mix of paintings, drawings, textile, photography, projection, ceramic and everything in between for each of our events.
  • How many pieces of artwork can artist submits for consideration?
    Artists can submit up to 10 works for each exhibition.
  • How will the artwork be displayed or installed in the exhibition space?
    This depends on the venue we hired but for a general scope, we've utilise these methods in the past: gallery track hanging system, nails, adhesive tabs, blutacks, on plinths and ziplocks on wires.
  • Will artists be responsible for transporting or installing their own artwork?
    Artists are expected to drop off their works to the venue on the day** of the exhibition for our team to install. Drop off dates can change between each exhibition but generally it is the day before or day of. Please check specific exhibition packs (downloadable via our website) for information.
  • What is the timeline for notification of acceptance or rejection into the exhibition
    We aim to email you back with your outcome between 2-4 days after applications have closed.
  • How do I get involved?
    We're so glad you're interested in being involved with us - please introduce yourself via email or Instagram DM with your rates and portfolio and we'll go from there :)
  • Are your events ticketed?
    Yes, entry for our events are usually between $15-20 (they vary with the scale of each event) We offer free entry for those under 16 years of age and those who identify as First Nations and Torres Strait Islander.
  • Why are your events ticketed?
    We consider our events different to just your regular art exhibition as they are curated to be more of a day out with your family and friends. Each event consist of a with a line up of artists, DJs/musicians, performers, stalls, food and drinks as to curate a space you can gather, admire, eat, drink, dance, listen and more. That being said, the running cost for our events are high and as we are not government funded, we need to instead ticket our events.
  • Is there a time limit on how long I can stay?
    Absolutely not, you are more than welcomed to drop by or stay for the day. We're just happy to share our space with you.
  • Can I buy the art being displayed?
    Absolutely! Just approach a staff or head to our bar to make a purchase.
  • Is photography allowed in the exhibition space?
    Most definitely! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook (@platform.exhibitions) so we can share your photos too <3
  • Are there any restrictions on touching or interacting with the artworks?
    Please restrain from touching any works at our exhibitions unless there are signs to signify that works are interactive.
  • Are refreshments or food provided during the event?
    We operate a beer, wine and cider bar at each of our event and aim to have a food stall with us on the day too.
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