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iwd 4.0

26th March


The Store @ Abbotsford Convent

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Platform Exhibitions is excited to announce the 4th edition of our International Women's Day celebrations.

In her 1971 essay, Linda Nochlin famously asks “Why have there been no great women artists?”

Historically speaking, there is long-standing evidence of women and gender non-confirming (GNC) artists. Its lack of recognition and visibility shines light to the hardship faced by women and GNC folks. She points at centuries of misogyny in the art world that marginalise women and GNC artists.  

Today, women and GNC folks join this uphill battle. We band together with those who work to dismantle sexism within the art industry and celebrate those that paved the way for us in our past. 

So we invite you on the 26th of March to join us as we support our very own line up of female and GNC artists, DJs, designers +. 

In this, we hope to contribute to the push of women and GNC folks from the margins in this industry… to the centre where they belong.

Event Details

Date: 26th of March (Sunday)

Time: 4:00 - 8:00pm

Location: The Store @ Abbotsford Convent (1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford VIC 3067)

A fully accessible and inclusive space.

Ticket Price: $20 (Kids under 16 + those identifying as First Nations or Torres Strait Islanders are free)

Selected Charity: Guests will have the chance to vote for a selected charity on the day

Artist applications

For us, International Women’s Day is less about the celebration of cis-gender women and more about intersectionality and equity. On this day we center WOC, trans women, women of different abilities and all other marginalized folks and shift the conversation to not only the rights of cis-gender women but the rights for all to be equal in opportunity in contrary to the rights of cis-gender men. We believe the fight against sexism and misogyny is much more empowering against patriarchal systems in this way. 

Thus, to bring the 4th edition of our IWD exhibition, we invite applications from women and gender non-conforming artists. We invite stories of what it means to be a woman or otherwise, what it feels like to be labeled as a woman although identifying otherwise. We encourage the channeling of rage, joys and all the in-between as you share your lived experiences in your work.


Applications are closd and all artists have been notified of their outcome. 


Amelia Saward

Amina Briggs

Baby Cambo

Catherine Weng

Eilish Sherlock

Elle Burnard

Emily Yujie Song


Francine Besas

George Keats

Georgia Cavanagh

In the Nuddy by Morgan Appleby


Jemima Longworth

Jena Oakford



Lizzy Yu

Louise Teresia

Maddie Thomas

Mia Kyritsis

Milly Melchior

Parminder Kaur Bhandal 


Ruby Quail

Sara Deane

Sharya Wick

Stephanie Siu

Stone Motherless Cold

Sunah Lee


Tara Baker

Vic Downey

Zoë Sydney

our stalls


Beads by Char


DiddlyDoo Creations

Ex Stasia


Portal Pohewa

Soli Studio

Mabel the Label


Nay Nay

Savage the girl

Yi Lum

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