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Saturday 23rd April

3:30 - 10 PM




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Platform Exhibitions. is excited to announce



It is strange that our passing of time often doesn’t feel sentimental. Yet, there is almost always a sentimental yearning that comes with reflecting on our past. As Andy Warhol once said, “your own life, while it’s happening to you, never has any atmosphere until it’s a memory”.


These happy associations - of a distant memory, a passing of time, people we’ve once shared the room with, a moment we’d trade anything to have again - they come with waves of sadness as the unreachable reality of its return, sinks in. Though, they also have the power to increase our social connection, provide comfort and existential meaning all the same.


Nostalgia cannot exist without a strong sense of social support. These memories remind us of the connections and network we once had. The foundations of nostalgia, regardless of the actual experience, is shared among all of us. In a way, this sentimental yearning of the past, brings us closer with future and present people in our lives.


Together in this group exhibition, we explore the mundanity of ordinary life that so often evolves into a sentimental memory. With this, Platform endeavours to create an atmosphere that triggers feelings of nostalgia for patrons, that is quickly counteracted with feelings of closeness and social connection with those around them.

Event Details

Date: 23rd Of July

Time: 3:30 - 10:00pm

Location: A.BCH GALLERY (41-59 Sims St, West Melbourne, VIC 3003)

Ticket Price: $15 (Kids under 16 are free)

Selected Charity: SisterWorks


Akiva Pilcer

Arielle Zia

Ashley Lara

Ashton Wastney



Dr Rockets

Drey Willows

Emily Gaule

Hot Pots by Lauren

Jemima Longworth

Joshua Nai

Poppy Paraw

Rachael Joe

Sam Sae-Sue



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