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By Sabine L'Eveille

Medium & Materials: Inkjet on Glass and Foamcore 

Measurements: 81.2 x 114.8 cm


Weeping Mary (2022) Catalogue Item*

  • Sabine L’Eveille is an emerging Australian artist and digital designer based in Naarm. Inspired by history and blending the old with new, Sabine’s works often ties biblical themes with Modern day objects and symbolism to shock, confuse and satirically comment on society and culture. In her endeavor to persistently challenge social norms, Sabine hopes for her art to serve as a motivator for the viewer to dissect, question and critique the world around us.

  • Inspired by the countless ‘Weeping Mary’ statues across the globe, Mary is replaced with a black woman to both challenge the white washing of religious icons and comment on the Long-standing marginalization of black women. It is thought that Catholics believe Mary’s tears have a special significance; she cries not only for the sins of the world but also for the pain she endured on earth, much like the plight of black women throughout history.

    ‘The New Adam’ is a modern take of the iconic image of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns. Throughout the course of history, the most powerful and prominent figures in biblical art are often portrayed as men. Through replacing Jesus with a young black woman, the artist hopes to correct the tropes of religion and dismantle the dominant gender and race power structures that still exist in the art world today.

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