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By Nancy Wilson


Medium & Materials: Acrylic, Pastel, Canvas & Charcoal on Board

Measurements: 60 x 90 cm


Delivery Cost Included

Too Hot To Be An Accountant (Sorry Accountants) (2024)

  • Employing visual puns and risqué humour by incorporating photography, text, collage and domestic found objects. Nancy’s work explores intuitive abstract sculptures, arrangements and collages. Engaging gender, social politics, motherhood and structures of feeling.

  • Nancy's, "I hope Tyson comes home with beer," delves into the profound shifts in her identity following motherhood. It explores the complexities of her emotions, societal prejudices, and the constraints imposed by patriarchal norms. Nancy's utilization of domestic materials mirrors her daily experiences as a mother, infusing her artwork with a palpable authenticity. Through layered paintings adorned with personal writings, Nancy embodies a tactile engagement with her creative process.

    This work epitomizes her quest to redefine societal perceptions of motherhood, challenging the stereotype of women confined to domestic roles. By participating in "Ascendants," Nancy actively contributes to a narrative that champions the multifaceted identities of mothers beyond traditional confines. Through her art, Nancy advocates for a world where motherhood coexists harmoniously with individual aspirations and autonomy.

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