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By Mai-Thi Tran


Medium & Materials: Watercolour on Paper

Measurements: 50 x 65 cm



Queen of Clubs (2022-23) Catalogue Item*

  • Born 1984, Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam.

    Mai-Thi Tran completed two years of classical drawing at the historic Julian Ashton Art School, The Rocks, Sydney and discovered her passion for drawing, watercolour and work on paper. Later, Mai-Thi studied Printmaking at the National Art School from 2008 to 2010 then established her home studio in Melbourne, where she has been living and making artworks for commissions and group exhibitions in Melbourne for the last decade.

    In 2018 to 2019 Mai-Thi spent 18 months in Palermo, Sicilia to expand knowledge in the Mediterranean cultures and art scenes and was commissioned to paint for the Oncology department at the Ospedale Civico Palermo (Civico Hospital Palermo).

    In 2019, she returned to Melbourne with an enriched experience and continues to explore possibilities in her art practice.

  • Mai-Thi Tran's series focused on depicting the experiences and stories of women; her art consistently revolves around this theme. Each artwork in her collection offers a distinctive viewpoint on femininity, empowerment, and the varied roles women play in society. The exhibition serves as a platform that challenges prevailing notions and stereotypes associated with the representation of women in art. Through the incorporation of unconventional watercolour techniques, the artworks present a contemporary and vibrant portrayal of women, contributing to a broader discourse on gender, identity, and artistic innovation within the context of her exhibition. The project aims to initiate a dialogue among viewers regarding the evolving nature of artistic mediums and their capacity to convey impactful messages about societal themes.

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