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A4 Print by Creative Wild Co.

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Healing Generational Trauma (Print)

  • Creative Wild Co, is the brainchild of two ambitious Melbourne artists, Christina Cerqueira and Dawn Rieniets. Their mission: guide emerging female artists in finding their voice, platform, and success in the art world.

    Dawn, a soulful observer and mother, weaves intricate narratives into her art, exploring motherhood, feminism, and the cycles of life. Armed with a BA in English and a Masters in Humanities, Dawn shatters the need for academic titles, championing creativity as its own validation. As the President of Thou Art Mum and a member of MAVA, Dawn tells stories with every stroke.

    Christina, an intuitively inspired artist, archaeologist of creativity, and guide to the mislaid feminine, embraces a lifelong journey of self-exploration. Together, Dawn and Christina are not just artists; they are mothers and partners in artful exploration, shaping a community where creativity thrives.

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