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Shanaia COZY artist

“I am an aspiring artist and currently studying Architecture. Art has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I always had a love for experimenting and creating because it was my way of articulating my thoughts and feelings. This has been true through my process of painting – where a blank canvas is given a new meaning with colours, strokes and forms that is pleasing to the heart. I worked on personal and fanart works as a small hobby from time to time, traditionally and digitally. In 2020, the pandemic brought a new spark in my art journey through custom shoe designs.


Thanks to the support of many friends and family, I was able to pick this passion back up because I realized that this is truly one thing I always love doing. There is no other hobby that makes me feel at peace and comfortable in my own self other than painting. I hope that through my art, I can inspire other young creatives to pursue their creativity and bring joy in their lives.”

The following three paintings are my love messages to myself, discussing ideas of self-acceptance, confidence, and comfort in one’s identity through rose-tinted lenses.

If I had wings (2021)

Acrylic on Canvas
16'' x 16''

If I had wings (2021) by Shanaia Aguila.jpg

‘If I had wings’ represents the individual’s disconnection from reality and dissatisfaction with personal self image. The moments in my life when I struggled the most were the times I’d wandered the farthest from who I am at the core. I fell down to be able to feel again

Florescence (2021)

Acrylic on Canvas
16'' x 16''

Florescene (2021)  by Shanaia Aguila.jpg

‘Florescence’ is the expression of acceptance and confidence in one’s own journey. This process of blooming begins with embracing the nature of my own reality. Loving myself taught me to forgive myself for being unkind to myself. I granted myself the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference

Over the moon (2021)

Acrylic on Canvas
16'' x 16''

Over the moon (2021) by Shanaia Aguila.jpg

‘Over the moon’ explores the notion of the universe experiencing itself. My universe begins and ends with me. Every path I take leads right back to me no matter how far I go. When I see myself, it’s as if space and time become the finest point imaginable

Paintings available for purchase

$500 ea

If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact Shanaia at 0403808360

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