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Raised in Dandenong by 1st generation migrants, Shane Vandort is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist working in portraiture, installation graffiti, free verse poetry and tattooing. With surrealist undertones, Shane has broken stereotypes of your typical Sri Lankan artist.

Alongside his strong interest in nature, Shane’s work is inspired by the people he meets, and is informed by his work within the disability sector. Often drawing clients, he has supported, he exploring and sharing their stories through his visual language. Shane hopes through his work that you can see beyond the person, and stands by the motto: be kind, always.

Shane started tattooing in 2018, which influenced his style to more clean lined pieces. At this time, he also started to share more of himself in his artwork, drawing portraits where people are often missing eyes, reflective of Shane’s struggle to make eye contact with people.

Shane recently had his first exhibition at Connection Arts Space, and has built a solid online following through digital media platforms, bringing his work to all parts of the world.

"Silas" (2019)

watercolour pencil and fineliner in book: "Silas Marner"

Cozy..? To me there’s no better place to be cozy than in front of a fire place with a book - the only difference is that I would be drawing in the book instead of reading it.


The portrait, “Silas” is illustrated in a vintage book titled Silas Marner written in 1861. The piece I have drawn shows a man looking up with his eyes hidden behind his fedora hat. I’m depicting a man who’s journey has pain and heart ache. Nevertheless, he is able to come out with his head held high as he is alive to tell his story. This is, in a round about way, similar to Silas's story in the novel.

In this piece, I find a way to tell a story to the viewers - a story about how there are brighter days on the other side of tough life journeys. I feel personal comfort in telling this story and even more comfort being able to talk about mental health. 


I guess in a way, this can be viewed as a cozy piece that you can sit in front of the fire place gazing at with a smile or seen crossing the boundaries around a persons mental health where dark moments can be reflected on.

Platform Exhibitions. Cozy Artist. S.A Vandort. Silias (2019).jpg

Gold Framed Watercolour in Book 'Silas Marner'


If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact Shane at 0468519662


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