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rachael joe

Rachael Joe is a self taught artist working with watercolour and second hand textiles in her Melbourne studio. Rachael's artwork is delicate, feminine and features women portrayed in thoughtful and restful settings. Rachael explores female relationships through her paintings, whether that be with their bodies, fashion or their companions. As a proud "dog mum" Rachael finds inspiration in vintage art nouveau and its portrayal of fashionable women usually accompanied by their greyhound (a common feature of her work).


Rachael feels watercolour is often overlooked for its more popular counterparts and can be seen as an “old fashioned” medium, her pieces aim to show how watercolour can be contemporary and to help people fall in love with this special medium.


Rachael's work has been displayed at the Brunswick Street Gallery, No Vacancy Gallery and Linden New Art. Her piece 'Companion' was recently awarded Best in Muster at the 2021 Australian Watercolour Muster.



“As much as I try to make the past keep still and mind its manners, it moves and murmurs with me through every day.” ― Deborah Levy


Rachael’s portraits in watercolour are delicate and feminine. Her choice of colours contrasts smooth skin tones against dark features and accents to demonstrate the balance between softness and power woman often must navigate. A common theme of Rachael’s work is the exploration of a woman’s relationship with her surrounding usually portrayed through their clothing, friendships, and their bodies. These pieces explore relationships with the past and were inspired by forgotten memories uncovered by the senses. Each piece portrays a different sense – a sound that makes you recall a book you once read, a familiar smell that transports you back to a place you once called home and a touch reigniting a memory of an old friend. Each pose and expression is unique to demonstrate the personal nature of memories and the way people romanticise them.

If you would like to make a purchase during your time at Nostalgia, please reach out to one of the Platform staffs (identified by a staff lanyard) or alternatively, reach out at our bar.

We only require a 10% deposit to secure your sale.

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