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By Tartshi

Medium & Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurements: 41 x 30.5 cm


Deliver Cost Included

Women of Water (2023)

  • Tartshi is a Melbourne based artist who combines their imagination with their sacred visions and messages from the universe to create impactful acrylic canvases. Every canvas channels messages of questioning, reflection and healing; aiming to bring light to the abundance of love and creativity in ourselves, others and our natural world.

  • These canvases are a collection of tartshi’s self discovery journey over the past few years. Tartshi used to feel shame and discomfort in her body throughout her adolescence, however, after a series of events, these battles were slowly fought. Her first painting in this series, “Fill Your Cup Until The Ants Arrive” was created over two months living out of her car, traveling throughout Queensland solo. An empowering trip that reinforced self care, and putting her needs first, she aimed to fight the norm of people pleasing. On a similar note of existing for others, her canvas “A Life Of Perception, How Much Is Absorbed By Your Reflection?” is a reminder that everyone is worth more than their appearance, despite being fed media that imposes comparison, and that womens’ bodies must look a certain way. These ideals were internalized from a young age, however her canvas “The Missing Peace” depicts self-awareness and analysis of past experiences that influence these thought patterns and habits - especially those that shape our views of self. With this knowledge, tartshi held the power to trust the universe and her journey, hence, on another solo road trip down to Victoria, she created the canvas, “Safe In The Hands Of The Universe”. Finally, her most recent canvas “Women Of Water” solidifies these messages over the years, and the power of self love. Whilst creating art for passion, tartshi also aims to inspire everyone to find love within themselves and share that with the world.

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