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By Amaeneya


Medium & Materials: Image on Acrylic Canvas 

Measurements: 60.96 x 41.7 cm


Delivery Cost Included

Woman #4 (2023)


    Amaenya is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. She moved to Australia at the age of five with her family. With no ability to connect to life before Australia, she began spending much of her childhood and adolescence reading and writing. She has written a fantasy novel focused on East Africa and its history called 'Blood & Kin' and is now expanding to visual art.

  • In her exploration of womanhood within a patriarchal context, Amaeneya, driven by a desire to break free from the pervasive male gaze, reflects on the struggle of not trusting, perpetually performing, and grappling with body image. The inspiration for this piece stems from a personal journey to free herself from societal expectations and to rebuild trust in her interactions.


    Through her work, Amaeneya challenges the societal norms that dictate a woman's worth based on her appearance, questioning why she felt the need to conform and please men. The photographs, capturing a moment of emancipation from the male perspective, stand as a testament to her newfound freedom.


    In Amaeneya's vision, she hopes the audience perceives her work as an authentic portrayal of someone living and loving within their body, without reducing it to a superficial assessment of attractiveness. The audience is invited to reflect on the origins of their own perspectives on intimacy and trust, pondering whether these inclinations are innate or shaped by external forces. Amaeneya challenges preconceived notions, urging viewers to consider the complexities of trust and intimacy in their own lives.

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