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By Laura Mason


Medium & Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurements: 120 x 90 cm


Delivery Cost Included

The Price We Pay (2024)

  • Laura Mason seamlessly blends vibrant hues and natural motifs with evocative free verse poetry, creating bold, whimsical, and thought-provoking artworks rooted in nature's calm and the clash with her internal world. Her pieces aim to reflect intimate explorations of life’s experiences, characterised by vivid imagery and expressive language using oil and acrylic paints for vitality.

    As a painter, graphic designer, and illustrator, Mason brings a multidimensional approach, incorporating design elements into her portfolio's overall aesthetic. What sets her apart is the integration of poetry into her paintings, distilled from personal experiences into single-line expressions, acting as a narrative thread. Mason's dynamic use of colour, texture, and language invites audiences on a journey of introspection, turning her art into a conduit for self-reflection and exploration of emotional nuances.

  • The Price We Pay by Laura Mason delves into the often-unsung burden of emotional labour under patriarchy. This acrylic-on-canvas explores the unseen cost borne by women navigating a world where empathy is expected but seldom acknowledged.
    This piece is not a call to arms, but a lament, inviting viewers to contemplate the unseen sacrifices made in the name of understanding and connection. It prompts us to question the societal structures that dictate women must prioritise others' feelings, often at the expense of their own well-being.
    The intricate quilt patterns in the artwork echo the invisible maintenance of bonds women perform, while the delicate flowers symbolise the empathy freely given but rarely reciprocated. Both of these motifs aim to invoke a yearning for a world where compassion is not a burden shouldered by women, but a shared responsibility.

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