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By JD Mitchell

Medium & Materials: Crochet / Acrylic Yarn

Measurements: 28 x 28 x 68 cm


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The Feminine is Not Friviolous (2023)

  • JD Mitchell (they/them) is a mad, queer, disabled multi-modal artist, poet, and future Arts Therapist. In 2022, JD completed an artist residency at Coburg Library and debuted their first solo exhibition ‘Beyond Masks, Burdens and Inspirations’. JD has featured in group exhibitions ‘Euphoria’ (2022), ‘Transformations’ (2023), ‘Little Pieces’ (2023). Through their expressions, JD yearns to find beauty in ugly places and challenge societal expectations.

  • 'The feminine is not frivolous' challenges common conceptions of feminine labour, pursuits and sexuality as lesser than their traditionally masculine counterparts. The piece explores how many so-called feminine artistic endeavours are regarded as unserious and often relegated to the realms of hobbies rather than powerful artistic mediums. In 'the feminine is not frivolous' JD Mitchell seeks to expose the male-dominated art world, by using the medium of crochet to create a cannibalistic vulva trap, which exemplifies how patriarchy forces people of all genders to fear femininity, as though it would consume them whole. The enlarged pom-pom clitoris serves as a radical reminder of the right to pleasure in a system where feminine pleasure is de-emphasised and disregarded. Further, this piece is a meditation on the artist's own journey with femininity, particularly their relationship to their sexuality, as a non-binary survivor of sexual violence, through which being feminine has regularly felt frightening, confusing and unsafe; and for a time, was rejected by the artist. As such, 'the feminine is not frivolous' serves as a reclamation of femininity in artistic and interpersonal spaces, within a society that makes femininity frequently feel dangerous, alienating and sometimes, silly.

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