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By Rachel Holland

Medium & Materials: Collage on Canvas

Measurements: 61 x 91.4 cm


Tenacious (2024) Catalogue Item*

  • Rachel Holland is a multidisciplinary artist also studying to become an art therapist. Holland’s work often discusses the undeniable connection created and held by body and space. This is further explored through how it might influence the individual experience. Her work discusses the potential and agency these varied experiences may generate via multidisciplinary arrangements, producing accessibility and allowing for multifaceted interpretation.

  • So, you think you work hard? What about the women who work hard all day, everyday and then come home and continue to work beyond a paycheck - cooking, cleaning, managing a household and children? What about the women who work fiercely-physical jobs but don’t complain about it or compare it to yours?

    ‘Hard Work’ honours the hard-working women of today and through time, highlighting work that is rarely an option in a dropdown menu for ‘occupation’. They are mothers, artists, renovators, furniture designers and makers, race car drivers, they are pioneers and the only specialist in their field, they are women who toil away in the home, unpaid, unrecognised, hour after hour, some even enduring physical pain. ‘Hard Work’ challenges the notion that the gap between men and women in the workforce and contemporary society is coming to a close. Patriarchal structures are still in place, no matter how hard we work. ‘Hard Work’ is a celebration of strength, determination and diligence.

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