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By Luna Yang

Medium & Materials: Oil on Canvas

Measurements: 18 x 14.8cm


Delivery Cost Included

Smiling Clitoris (2023)

  • Luna Yang is a multi-disciplinary artist creating through the mediums of found objects and painting. She is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Fine Arts program at RMIT and is a prospecting Master of Fine Art student. Her sculptures and figurative paintings elevate everyday objects and challenges cultural norms. Luna’s work is deeply personal, exploring identity, trauma, and her Chinese heritage. For her, art serves as a sanctuary for processing and expressing difficult emotions. Luna allows her unconscious mind to take control in an intuitive, experimental process.

    Luna believes in art as a mirror for reflection for reflecting both the self and wider society, capable of bringing cultural and political injustices to light.

    Currently, Luna is creating works that respond to themes of self-image and idealistic beauty standards in preparation for the RMIT graduate exhibition. Lunas share her inner world with her audience and hopes to bring about change by challenging prevailing mainstream notions, prompting viewers to critically examine the world in which we reside.

  • Stemming from insecurities caused by unrealistic beauty standards present in patriarchal society, Luna directly challenges conventional beauty standards in her series of work. Women’s bodies are scrutinised. Organs for eating food and birthing life are subject to beauty standards perpetrated by modern media. Luna vents their frustration towards the oppressive patriarchal standards that inundate women with unrealistic and unachievable beauty ideals. By painting realistic, imperfect body parts, Luna wishes to convey that human uniqueness is art.

    Vaginas are regarded as taboo in society, hidden away, while simultaneously idealised objects of man’s desires. Illiteracy about sexual organs is detrimental to women’s physical and mental health. Luna paints realistic vaginas in revolt of the dual censorship-objectification of womxn's bodies. Eight vulvas are painted on an otherworldly pastel background, symbolising a safe space in which they are free to exist as they are.

    Luna’s figurative paintings of vulvas in ‘Sad Clitoris’ and ‘Smiling Clitoris’ are an exploration into their complicated feelings towards their assigned gender at birth and sexuality.

    Pill sleeves narrate Luna's daily endurance of taking antidepressants as a band-aid fix for the emotional damage caused by being born a girl.

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