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By Creative Wild Co.

Medium & Materials: Pastel on Timber

Measurements: 60 x 80 cm




Reverence (2023) Catalogue Item*

  • Creative Wild Co, is the brainchild of two ambitious Melbourne artists, Christina Cerqueira and Dawn Rieniets. Their mission: guide emerging female artists in finding their voice, platform, and success in the art world.

    Dawn, a soulful observer and mother, weaves intricate narratives into her art, exploring motherhood, feminism, and the cycles of life. Armed with a BA in English and a Masters in Humanities, Dawn shatters the need for academic titles, championing creativity as its own validation. As the President of Thou Art Mum and a member of MAVA, Dawn tells stories with every stroke.

    Christina, an intuitively inspired artist, archaeologist of creativity, and guide to the mislaid feminine, embraces a lifelong journey of self-exploration. Together, Dawn and Christina are not just artists; they are mothers and partners in artful exploration, shaping a community where creativity thrives.

  • In the evocative collaboration, "Senses Embodied," the artists delve into the profound theme of healing from patriarchal trauma inflicted on women's bodies.

    Through two unique perspectives, Dawn & Christina aim to empower and inspire women to reclaim their innate strength by fostering self-love, detaching from overthinking, and reconnecting with their bodies, voice and truth.

    Inspired by the need for profound healing, the artists explore the complexities of challenging societal norms and fostering a dialogue around the importance of self-love. Their works are intricately connected to themes of spirituality, creativity, and sensuality, all serving as potent sources of rejuvenation.

    Anticipating diverse reactions, Christina & Dawn aim to provoke introspection and dialogue. They hope the audience not only witnesses the struggles but also feels the resilience and beauty in the process of reclaiming power and sexuality. As viewers engage with the pieces, they are encouraged to ponder: How can embracing our bodies and connecting with yourself lead to profound healing?

    This exhibition serves as a transformative space, inviting the audience to participate in self-discovery.

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