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By Camille Ferguson


Medium & Materials: Paper, Fabric, Colour Pencil & Ink

Measurements: 60 x 86 cm



Delivery Included

Removal (2024)

PriceFrom $35.00
  • Camille Ferguson is a Naarm based artist, working on the lands of the Bunurong people. Her work explores themes of sex, gender, and body fragility; these themes are presented through space, colour and sculptural elements. Her work looks deeply into the reality of the feminine experience, emphasising her studies of feminism and the body in a public space. Through the use of line, texture and text she creates alternate spaces that entice an emotional response in viewers. These works explore the space in-between, drawing parallels to the body and society, uncovering what is unseen, representing a collective experience linked to gender, freedom, and the physicality of human experience.

  • Camille Ferguson’s work ‘Am I see through’ uncovers the spaces in-between, exploring themes of invisibility in relation to the body in a gendered space. This project depicts the complexities of the feminine experience through line, shadow and obstruction, offering strength in vulnerability. Abstracted shapes express the symbolic body, shielded by fabric to contrast to the historical sexualisation of the female form. Camille uses text to present private spaces where a sense of disconnection between others and herself becomes apparent, writing into the work the private moments reflecting on gender. This work switches the role of the viewer, bringing them into the private, to oppose the objectification of the body. ‘Am I see through’ seeks to contest the control of our bodies, questioning freedom of choice, asking ourselves what is seen, unseen, inside, outside; Invisible.

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