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A4 & A2 Print Avaliable by Art in Lu

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Preorder: Consent (Print)

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  • Maddy Sewell, an emerging contemporary visual artist based in Melbourne, explores sexism in Australia and the intersection of identity and societal dynamics in the artist's first-ever publicly display. With a background in mental health research and a Bachelor of Psychology, art has provided Sewell with a medium to re-connect with her younger self. Drawing inspiration from both psychological realism and abstract surrealism, she continues to experiment with colour and narrative symbolism to develop a style that can capture her thoughts and emotions. Previously completing VCE Studio Arts gave her a taste of visual and mixed-media arts which she put to the side while she focussed on chronic health challenges and studies. Recently, Sewell has drawn inspiration from personal experience and the Teach Us Consent campaign lead by Chanel Contos to delve into the common, yet complex nature of sexism experienced by women and the LGBTIQA+ community in Australia.

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