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By Katherine Masiulanis


Medium & Materials: Desert Ash & Found Metal 

Measurements: 30 x 27 x 40 cm


Delivery Cost Included for Metro Melbourne for outside Metro Melb, please email us.


Pink Lady Watches Her Waistline (2024)

  • Katherine's art practice is characterised by optimistic experimentation, perhaps building on her long association with play and playspaces. She has carried out several Public Art projects, including whole site installations, murals, sculptures and ceramics, sometimes with community involvement.

    She particularly enjoys painting, printmaking, textiles and ceramics, and has also written three books - the second of which 'The Milk of Female Kindness' is an anthology of women's real experiences of motherhood.

    Her work has been shortlisted for various awards including the SBS
    Landscape Painting Prize in 2021, the 2022 Biblio Art Prize, 2022 Libris Australian Artists' Books Awards, and the 2023 Smallacombe Portrait Prize Katherine has held two solo exhibitions in 2023, and has widely exhibited throughout Australia.

  • ’Listen to Our Strength’ combines two branches of artistic investigation. The first is the relationships that we have with our bodies: the second reframes and updates images of famous women to encourage the audience to consider their under-appreciated virtues of intelligence, creativity and brilliance. St Catherine was not just pure: she was a highly persuasive scholar. Marilyn Monroe wrote poetry.

    Works such as ‘Still Life with Judgement’ overlay some of the consumables that are used to describe women’s bodies, such as honey, peaches and muffin tops, with the words whispered about them. Overcoming all of these is a female figure perhaps representing someone who is disinterested in these labels.
    Sculptural works explore the relationships that we have with our bodies, focussing on the pride and joy of inhabiting a female body, with all the scars and ‘imperfections’ that come from living a real life.
    Having observed how even now women are often seen as ‘lesser’ and ‘weaker’, Katherine hopes that these works will awaken positive feelings around women’s strength and resilience.

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