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By Mei Riddle (b3by)


Medium & Materials: Photography 

Measurements: 31 x 43 cm


Delivery Included

Pet (2023)

  • Mei Riddle, also known as b3by, is a self taught visual artist based in Naarm (Melbourne) whose art is fuelled by self-discovery, the female gaze, and a contemporary femininity which explore the complex intersection of life as a young woman. Focusing mainly on photography, she has a tendency to create photographs that maintain their incompleteness, clicking the shutter before the photos become refined or sophisticated, preserving the rawness of moment.

    Her art is a form of exploration, a world she dubs “b3by’s realm” in which her prominent thoughts, dreams, secrets and fantasies can be seen here. The purpose of b3by’s realm is to solidify her creativity into reality, to preserve her mind in the real world.

  • ‘b3by’s realm’ is a visual and physiological investigation of the Mei’s mind. The project explores her prominent thoughts, struggles, fantasies and everything in between. ‘Call back’ explores self sexualisation due to the struggles with an internalised male gaze within themselves, a continuous battle caused by the constant expectations set for women by the media and patriarchy. “Weeping River” and “Fallen” on the other hand, portray feelings of melancholy and emptiness in a more ethereal manner.

    Although Mei created this project to explore and express her own mind, she hopes the arch of the story will be drawn differently by each person who sees the photographs. She wants the audience to find their own meaning within them and relate to them in their own way, to create an intimacy between the artwork and the viewer that only they possess.

    By exhibiting her work she hopes to prompt viewers into seeing a small glimpse into her mind, to give insight on her own personal life and acknowledge the universal experiences that we all go through, especially through womanhood.

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