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By Betul


Medium & Materials: Oil on Canvas

Measurements: 50.8 x 76.2 cm


Delivery Included in Price.

In Your Palm (2024)

  • Betul is a Naarm based artist and illustrator, working predominantly with ink and oil painting. Her artworks are heavily influenced by her Turkish cultural and ethnic background, characterised by her depiction of mystical symbolism and motifs found in Anatolian and Mediterranean cultures. Betul is inspired by the superstitious beliefs of the region and how they are embedded into identity and human consciousness. Betul's research into mysticism within her cultural sphere is a step towards reconnecting to an aspect of her heritage that has been lost as a result of living in a diaspora. Betul is an emerging artist who occupies both digital and physical spaces, and is currently working on her first solo exhibition called Nazar: an exploration into mysticism, which is due to launch later in the year.

  • 'In Your Palm’ explores our ability to ascend beyond the patriarchal definition of femininity: to take back control of the narrative surrounding women, question the current ideas circulating about womanhood, and ultimately redefine our collective understanding of femininity and how it can propel us into an inclusive future.

    The artwork’s exploration of Turkic ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ visual motifs, that are used to represent womanhood in Nomadic cultures, introduces fluidity and intersectionality into the Western discourse.

    ‘In your palm’ invites viewers to analyse their own understanding of femininity. Are current ‘feminine’ qualities rooted in patriarchal beliefs or biological facts? Does femininity empower or undermine our position in current society? Do we believe femininity is inclusive of all, regardless of gender? Should society dismantle the very idea of femininity and masculinity? If so, how would that shape our individual and collective identities?

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