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By Gabriella Bartolo

Medium & Materials: Oil on Canvas

Measurements: 50 x 60  cm


In Operation (2024) Catalogue Item*

  • Gabriella Bartolo is a young artist, practicing primarily in oil painting and printmaking, locally in Naarm. She focuses on representing human bodies and symbolic objects, with a theatrical and explicit style. She holds a fascination with personal narratives, mystique, and nostalgia, which is encapsulated in her figurative work. Her main inspiration lies in her family, connection to culture, expressions of gender and sexuality, and her community.

  • Gabriella created these works to illustrate a corporeal experience of sexuality. She has used aesthetics of mystique and surrealism to evoke a sense of intriguing beauty. The bodies represented here are vulnerable and raw, captured in a state of rebirth, fully exposed. Through this she reflects on a sense of unease within one’s body, when slowly coming to terms with a state of personal authenticity. Despite the uncanniness of this state of being- represented in the strained poses, the unnatural colours, and the outdoor environment, these subjects are nevertheless beautiful. This is inspired with her own personal journey of embracing queerness and and autonomously defining her relationship to her gender.

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