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By Blackpatota


Medium & Materials: Digital Print on Watercolour Paper 

Measurements: 21 x 30 cm



  • At the Venue: At @ 9:15 - 9:30 pm when the event concludes
  • In Parkville between the 19th - 25th of Feb
  • In South Yarra between the 19th - 25th of Feb


For delivery information, please speak to the curator, Jess at 0421286669 or in person during the events.


I Can’t Let You Go Can I? (2022)

  • Under the alias “blackpatota”, Vanessa Nilam is an Indonesian visual artist that uses a diverse artistic skill set to conjure the cute and grotesque. Vanessa started as a freelance illustrator, but transitioned into fine arts, and now is currently practicing the craft of tattooing. She hopes to one day return to the gallery with a new point of view, but also to simply never limit her artistic privilege to express herself freely.

  • ‘Breakfast, Lunch, and Sanity’ is an archival of an old collection that represents fragmented memories, emotions, and personal feelings in the perspective of the artist herself. These pieces of one’s own human condition came together after months of solitude and an intense inner healing during the midst of COVID-19. Through each of her works, Vanessa Nilam, aka, ‘Blackpatota’, explores themes of growing pains, trauma, mental illness, femininity, and entering womanhood for the first time. Originally, the collection had over 20 artworks, but overtime they were purchased and donated to various charity organisations.

    Despite the collection only having 5 remaining artworks, and also being a young immigrant from Indonesia, Vanessa hopes these artworks can still resonate with other women, or any gender, from different cultural backgrounds. At the end of the day, she will be content that her works can make other people’s day a bit better.

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