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By Lexlynch Studio


Medium & Materials: Acrylic on Canvas + Gold Leaf

Measurements: 91 x 91 cm


Delivery Included

Hummingway (2023)

  • Lynn is a multidisciplinary artist with several art gallery exhibitions and art fairs already pocketed in her art and creative journey. Her works are non linear, abstract and often whimsical with incisive colours of different forms in shapes and imperfect lines. Her work has inspired others to delve into their psyche of being a little off centre and wild in their expression. She is working towards making space for POC artists and taking up some more space as a woman of colour.

  • The Guerrilla Girls are anonymous artist activists who use disruptive headlines, outrageous visuals and killer statistics to expose gender and ethnic bias and corruption in art, film; politics and pop culture. They believe in an intersectional feminism that fights for human rights for all people.

    Upon seeing the Guerrilla Girls works at Tate Modern Museum in London whilst doing an exhibition in Europe, I got out of the Museum feeling defeated as a woman as their agenda really showed up to me realistically of how our patriarchal society continues undermining women’s work in all areas especially in art. Despite the defeat, it also encouraged me to take up some space in the art world as much as I could in this other-ed body. it showed me that to have a platform as an artist as large as someone like David Shrigley, Andy Warhol, Picasso, and Francis Bacon I'd have to break my back trying. My determination is to encourage every other woman and GNC folks to change the narrative by demanding for space!I hope the audience will feel a sense of reminder of affirmation through this lens. We are responsible for changing the narrative for our next generations to come just so their identities can be treated fairly and more.You’re seeing less than half the picture without the vision of women artists and artists of colour.

    The question here is: Do we want to keep working without the pressure of success? Do we want to have the same narrative of thinking our career will pick up after we are eighty?What about seeing your ideas live on the works of others? Or only be included in revised versions of art history written by men? How about having to choose between motherhood and career?

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