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By Lissa


Medium & Materials: Acrylic on Canvas

Measurements: 31.5 x 25 cm



  • At the Venue: At @ 9:15 - 9:30 pm when the event concludes
  • In Parkville between the 19th - 25th of Feb
  • In Doreen between the 19th - 25th of Feb


For delivery information, please speak to the curator, Jess at 0421286669 or in person during the events.


Greek Goddess (2022)

  • Lissa is an emerging artist who enjoys experimenting with various media, but often returns to colourful, abstract acrylic on canvas. She finds love in the process of painting and feels most herself when creating something. She started painting in 2019, never foreseeing others to view her work. She feels grateful for the vast community of artists here in Melbourne.

  • ‘Between’ was created by Lissa to reflect her experience as a queer woman. ‘Greek Goddess’ was the first in this collection. It was made in response to a Jo March-esque situation; wherein Lissa felt torn between loving and being loved. The piece itself aims to represent how it feels to want someone who wants someone else.

    The second large canvas ‘Stay Inside’ was made in an almost regressive manner, almost two years after the initial piece. This piece was created with the idea of compulsory heterosexuality in mind. It aims to represent the struggle of accepting one’s own queerness, and opening oneself up to the beautiful outside which awaits. The final two small canvases aim to show the push and pull of bisexuality, the area between privilege and struggle. Lissa wanted to show some of her internalised biphobia within these, with an emphasis on the non-linearity of self-acceptance.

    The purpose of this collection is to encapsulate the part of Lissa’s identity that is her queerness. Each painting was created with their own purpose and individual meaning, however can be translated into other interpretations by viewers.

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