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8x12” Print by Eugenie Gullifer-Laurie

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From Aretæus of Cappadocia’s ‘On The Causes & Symptoms Of Acute Diseases (PRINT)

  • ​​Eugenie is a 24 year old multidisciplinary artist from Melbourne, who seeks to make sense of their own experiences with chronic illness, neurodivergency and queerness by creating things. Their work follows the undulating rhythms of nature; grow and decay, perish and evolve; and the fluctuations in their own life; wellness and illness, ability and disability, masculine and feminine, creating and destroying. They explore their body and mind and their functions through their work as healing process; abstracting and warping the mundanities of life into something unrecognisable in order to express themselves freely, and create a sense of clarity and calmness out of the chaos of their world.

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