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By Ellen Giannikos


Medium & Materials: Acrylic & Pastel on Wood

Measurements: 20 x 20 cm


Delivery Cost Included

Flower Field (2024)

  • Ellen is an emerging Australian artist dedicated to her craft for the past 5 years. In addition to my artistic journey, she’s established a specialized art teaching business catering to both children and adults with special needs, driven by her passion for fostering creativity in unique ways.

    Her and her partner, fueled by their shared passion for art, endeavored to create an inclusive environment, providing creative outlets for those who might otherwise be excluded. Much of her artwork draws inspiration from her life experiences and the unique perspectives of her students, shaping a narrative that reflects their distinct worldviews.

  • In anticipation of the annual group exhibition, Ellen envisions the introduction of Yume and the enthralling narrative interwoven into her original paintings. This collective showcase not only seeks to unveil the mystique of Yume's world but also to explore the transformative power of art within a collaborative space.

    Yume, Ellen's extraterrestrial muse, transcends gender, age, and stereotypes, an ageless embodiment of purity. In their celestial realm, free from the clutches of greed, danger, and pain, a profound connection thrives among inhabitants and the living tapestry that envelops them. Yume serves as Ellen's artistic vessel, symbolizing innocence, and offering a portal to escapism. A deliberate journey to reclaim childhood innocence.

    Within this cosmic narrative, Ellen deliberately infuses traditionally labeled "feminine"colours and shapes. Far from confining, these elements become seeds of empowerment and strength, cultivating a visual language that celebrates the resilience of women. Yume transforms into a living canvas, embodying the profound exploration and embrace of unfiltered joy amidst the cosmic dance of colours and shapes. The exhibition stands as a testament to Ellen's artistic vision, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the celestial tale of Yume, all in homage to the strength, diversity, and creativity of women.

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