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By Anna


Medium & Materials: Acrylic & Oil on MDF

Measurements: 45 x 90 cm


Delivery Included in Price.


Dancer (Liberation) (2023)

  • Anna Kouvelas is an artist based in Naarm specialising in painting and sculpture, currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT.

    As a queer woman emerging in the art scene, her works implicitly discuss themes of gender through an abstracted lens. Kouvelas converses through the materiality and colour of her works, and similarly exposes and critiques gender stereotypes and restraints through the form and fluidity of her compositions.

    With an innate gravitation towards a post-minimalistic style, she uniquely proposes the labour of her pieces, with a heavy emphasis on the body and its movements across and throughout her practice.

  • ‘Dancer (Liberation)’ by Anna Kouvelas was made as a depiction of independence. Within the chaotic beauty of abstraction, there is an underlying order that mirrors the intricate balance between societal expectations and individual autonomy. The layers of paint reveal the multifaceted nature of womanhood, echoing the layers of identity that women navigate daily. Kouvelas poses the canvas as a poetic realm where colours dance in harmony, reflecting the complexities and nuances of the feminine experience. Vibrant hues evoke the myriad emotions intrinsic to womanhood, from the bold strokes of passion to the subtle gradients of vulnerability.

    'Dancer (Liberation)' serves to celebrate emancipation. Where colour morphs into a palette of empowerment, the work encourages viewers to engage in a dialogue between their own perceptions of femininity and freedom. This project has been a testament to the infinite possibilities of introspection and redefinition, inviting all to explore the boundless landscapes of self-discovery and embrace the kaleidoscope of feminine strength.

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