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Madeleine is a a self-taught artist who has been drawn to the fluidity and smudginess of oil paints. She sees art as another language through which to explore ideas. She loves the way it allows for the depiction of relationships between multiple ideas in a non-linear form.


In her own work, she attempts to find relationships between ideas of evolution, the body, language and collective consciousness. However, more and more she is also finding herself explore the process of painting itself, allowing a work to begin without an end in mind. She likes the dialogue that emerges between self and medium in this process and it is also nice, although sometimes disappointing (heh), to be surprised by what emerges. 


She has previously exhibited with Platform exhibitions and held her own exhibition in July this year at Marfa Gallery.

Symbolic Sifting (2021)

Oil on Canvas

"Symbolic Sifting explores the discomfort that there is nothing immutable that we can hold onto.


I used to always find discomfort in the idea of blank spaces, of coming into contact with the freedom of a clear canvas and feeling empty of ideas of how to fill it. A sense that the inability to respond would indicate an emptiness in myself. It was a discomfort in the possibility of not being, fearing the lack of a solid identity. As I have grown, I have come to see that this fear does not make sense.


I watch as the movements of life continue to change me and those around me. I begin to see that there is nothing solid that can hold itself separate to the flow of life. There is nothing that we can hold onto in its current form forever.


When we try to, we experience the discomfort of change, of having to let go of what was. But it also only here, in the letting go, that can we allow life to move through us. We are process. We cannot halt change, only learn to move with it in more fluid and graceful ways."

Symbolic Sifting (2021) by Madeleine R.jpg

Artwork available for purchase $350

If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact Mads at 0492912707


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