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With a love for timber, Akiva began creating art by carving wooden spoons in 2017. He later was inspired to draw  after attending an artists’ market in Elsternwick and began using pen, paper and ruler to create symmetrical geometric shapes. As he gained confidence, and life experiences opened him up, he experimented with the free-hand lines and dynamic designs that inform his current fluid style.


Although raised in a religious home, Akiva has chosen to explore other lifestyles, and he is fascinated by the existential demands that life puts on us. His abstract art often exhibits a tension between rigidity and fluidity, encapsulating the awe, bewilderment and joy that arise from these processes of growth. Akiva draws ideas from nature, reading and his studies in Psychology. He is interested in how our brains’ biological growth manifests experientially, how our emotions affect us, and how we define mental illness.


Akiva has broadened his practice to include watercolours, and his ultimate goal is to combine his current style with his passion for timber by painting wooden sculptures that he carves himself.

Perched in the Middle (2020)
Standing Still (2020)
Nova Su(2021)

Pen on Kraft Paper

Although these pieces initially communicate a coziness and warmth, I encourage you to see that in colour, form and composition, they are weighted and balanced, with equal parts rigidity and fluidity.


I’m interested in processes of change, and how these unfold through periods of comfort and discomfort, order and chaos. My pieces are governed by an internal logic and language;  straight lines represent periods in which we thrust up structures, habits and truths that hold us in good stead, while fluid sections embody phases of freedom, chaos and discomfort when we tear all that down.


Life is dynamic and ultimately both methods of change are necessary. At various points, we may lean more towards one or the other, while at other times, there will be a pleasant balance between the two.


My questions to you, then, are where are you now? Are the pieces comforting or stultifying in their structure? Are you avoiding simply sitting with an emotion, realisation or experience? And what habits, structures or behaviours are you too comfortable with, but know you need to let go?

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Perched in the Middle (2020) by Akiva Pilcer.jpg


Audioguide by Akiva Pilcer
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Nova Su (2021) is the only piece for sale

pictured on the right if viewing on desktop or pictured directly above if viewing on mobile

$230 framed

If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact Akiva at 0426187635


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