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Joshua nai

Joshua Nai is a 2nd generation Chinese/Australian-born photographer and creative. He is based in Melbourne/Naarm With an endless passion for the creative arts, Joshua Nai Pays particular attention to form and narrative through the medium of photography and video. From the end of 2020, Josh has directed multiple personal projects that focus on Light, colour and composition. The infinite possibilities with light is what drives Joshua to create while also being mainly grounded in portraiture, Joshua explores his subjects through his creative use of light.  Joshua Nai’s ultimate goal is to tell the stories behind his subjects and himself.


Instagram: @0ojin_

Joshua Nai explores the neglected past of asian heritage from a young age and the sentimental reconnection we have with it when maturing through his unique depictions in photography. Joshua’s specific photographing style of utilising colour and lighting explores the message of the Australian Asian experience. By primarily shooting in Asian communities, he illustrates the subject's connection to their culture by location.  However, his subjects are often positioned in a space by themselves; conjuring a sense of the surreal and uncanny. This embraces the disconnect to the heritage tied to the environment. With lighting and composition, he demonstrate the deep-rooted struggle of rejecting that culture through lighting and composition. In his works, he pursues the relationship of the past, heritage and environment. His direction of his subjects in the frame exhibits the feeling of reconnection. The stance, expression and posture hint to a higher awareness of the environment. An environment where a sense of belonging was felt in the past, despite the negative connotations of the lighting and composition.


Joshua Nai moulds to the theme ‘Nostalgia’ by provoking the concept that young asian australians have been discouraged of their own heritage and culture because of racism, lack of role models in media and the constant change in the cultural environments of their home and outside society. This leads to the journey that many asian australians encounter in their adult years, rekindling fond memories of their culture from the past and embracing what was neglected with a nostalgic unity with their own heritage.

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