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Jane Fitzgerald is a local freelance photographer based in Geelong, recently returning after seven years of living in China.
She has a passion for both digital and film photography, and is constantly drawn to light and shadow, whether it be in street photography, minimalist architecture or the still life creations that she painstakingly arranges, from foraged flora and leftover vegetables.

Her love of simplicity and negative space is a constant in most of her architectural images, and she is drawn to industrial buildings, laneways and rooftops , both locally and internationally.

She a keen eye for seeing and documenting stories, in the street or for example, in a recently created birth story ...from labour ward to the caesarean to the first post birth breastfeeding of the baby.

Her images are always printed on archival paper stock, and each image thoughtfully considered and matched to the highest quality paper, to complete the final look to her photograph.

She has exhibited in:
Nanjing, China
Analogue Academy, Geelong
The Hue And Cry Collective, Geelong Provenance Wines, Fyansford
Ballarat International Foto Festival

‘30/30’ Exhibition at The Space Gallery, Newtown 

Home exhibition at Blank Space , Newtown (upcoming) | Instagram: @janecfitz 

'Vegetable Still Life ' (2021)
Printed on Archival Textured Cotton Rag

Responding to the theme “Cozy” by creating a still life using vegetables foraged from the back of a local produce store, slightly old and slightly squishy.

The old, the mushy, the droopy.

The cosy, warm, comforting feelings that organic vegetables invoke in us.


The comfort of a home cooked meals and local foraged produce

Shot on a vintage 35mm film camera and Porta 400 asa film.


The vegetables were arranged and captured using studio lighting, which is more difficult on film as the shutter speed has to be exact, and only instinct as to how the still life arrangement would look in 2D.

This image is part of a series of foraged vegetables and flowers on 35mm film, all printed on archival quality textured metallic cotton rag

I feel like I've given these vegetables another life, a second chance by freezing their decay ...their comforting beauty...making the ordinary, the familiar, the cosy.....into art

PS if you look closely enough, you may find something hidden in the comfort of the familiar

Jane Fitzgerald Final Piece.jpg

Custom Framed


Prints (unframed) Available:


If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please send Jane Fitzgerald a text at 0451061027


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