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Fiz Eustance is an artist, musician and writer based on Naarm in Woi wurrung Wurundjeri country. Fiz’s creative practice is governed by play: their process involves 

  • collecting discarded objects and colourful materials,

  • applying paint, crayon, tape, fabric, rope, coloured pencil, texta, other objects, water, glue, 

  • and bending, stretching, scribbling, tying, combining, attaching, balancing, and arranging. 


Within this process, Fiz

  • notices the way their body and others bodies interact with the work

  • reflects on their identity and relationship to themself, other beings, country

  • tries not to take themselves too seriously

Fiz is a recent graduate from the RMIT Bachelor of Fine Arts course. They work out of a studio-shed in their backyard and play regular gigs with their indie-folk project Fiz. In 2020, they exhibited at NOIR Darkroom for @home in the internet and were commissioned by RMIT Creative’s for Break and Create. 

"Child Series"

Cardboard, tape, glue plywood, found objects, acrylic paint, crayon, stuffing, polymer clay, corflute

This series of works aims to hold space for oneself as a child. Through the process of growing up, we often learn to edit elements of ourselves. As we age out of our childhood, we may become more serious, stressed, and estranged from the spontaneous and lighthearted sides of ourselves. This series of sculpture-painting hybrids is designed to create a safe and cozy space for silliness, play, and sweetness. 

In creating Child Series, Fiz did not set out with an explicit plan, instead they engaged in a playful making process, following physical tangents to see where they might lead. Through this process-driven approach, an evolving rhythm and language of art-making emerges. A block of Duplo becomes an outstretched neck, paint is applied, old artworks are re-configured, cardboard is bent and taped up, the position of the body is changed, a foam mesh sleeve from a piece of fruit becomes a hat. Through this material exploration, the artist reflects on what it was like to be a child exploring textures, colours, form and gravity.

Each individual piece is available for purchase

Priced between $80-150

If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact Fiz at 0426014243


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