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ENOKi is a Yorta Yorta and Dja Dja Wurrung Naarm based multi-media artist. They’ve been making art for the past 6 years but it wasn’t until this year that they started to refine their art practice; tackling such themes as social justice, sexuality, and disconnection of identity by combining the inspiration of Keith Harring, Basquiat, Pop Art, and Aboriginal iconography. 


In their early years, ENOKi created art in physical mediums such as drawing and painting but later found interest in digital art, animation, photography, and illustration. They now mainly like to draw digitally but every so often combine digital drawing, animation, and photography into mixed media pieces.

1, 2, 3 All Eyes on Me (Mind, Body N Soul) (2021)

Acrylic Paint, Paint Marker, Paint Pen

1, 2, 3 all eyes on me (2021) by ENOKi

1, 2, 3 all eyes on me" explores the discomfort of the stares that Blak people feel at all times, the stares we get in the shops, the streets, and on public transport. The people stare at us like we're dangerous or criminals, the people look at us with disgust but we see the way you cross the street when we're on the same side, we see the way you clutch your purse and we can see you follow us around the store but did not chose our skin nor did we chose to be treated this way.

Sticks and Stones (Mind, Body N Soul) (2021)

Acrylic Paint, Paint Marker, Paint Pen

Sticks and Stones (2021) by ENOKi

Australia has normalised microaggressions and racism to the point that is seen as "Aussie culture" a little fun and if you can't take a joke you need to swallow some cement and toughen up but they don't realise the wait of their words and how each word they say tear at us and make us feel less than human.

Blak Square (Mind, Body N Soul)(2021)

Digital Art

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In the digital age it's hard to tell who's an ally and who is a performative ally until a movement is over especially with the Blak lives matter movement people either didn't say anything because it didn't fit their atheistic or pretended to care because it's no longer popular to care about BLM and this has left many Blak people feeling as if people don't care or our lives are just a token.

12'' x 16'' Canvases

Priced between $250 -$350 

If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact ENOKi at 0412875034


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