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Dom Viggiani is an emerging multidisciplinary artist living and practicing on the stolen land of The Wurundjeri people (Naarm/Melbourne). She is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT, focussing on the notion of extended drawing. 

Recently, Dom’s growing practice has extended to oil painting and installation work, experimenting with hand made soft sculptures and found objects. These works are ideas further developed from drawings. 

Dom’s works are suggestive of gender politics, identity and the notion of real versus imagined spaces, reflected through a playful, dark, and chaotic aesthetic. Through this, Dom also compares the idea of childhood absentmindedness with dark undertones surrounding fear and the unknown. Here, the works can be seen as both direct and non-sensical. 

What's Under Your Bed? (2021)

collection of oil paintings on canvas, un-stretched. (Mounted on primed MDF board)

The collection of artworks explore the paradoxical sense of childhood naiveté with fear, discomfort and danger.

Through utilising a playful, naive, blocky aesthetic, Dom paints recognisable symbols of gender, power, danger and death. The subjects within the paintings are also suggestive of the human form. By questioning these dynamics which form the roles of gender and societal binaries, the works also negotiate a fine line between ‘safety’ and ‘danger’, considering the violent subtext alongside the playful and naive aesthetic. 

More directly, the oil paintings display these symbols, while focussing on space, symbol and composition. The recurring motifs developed throughout Dom’s practice references modern domesticity and humankind, including the appearance of; Teeth, Ladders, Headless Suit Jackets, Skeletons, White (wedding) Dresses, Wine glasses, Power points and cords, and more. While thinking about the composition of the individual oil paintings, She experiments with these subjects, and the relationship they have with the space around them, especially the confinement of the rectangle canvas. To extrapolate on this concept, Dom paints the figures/subjects as if they are aware of the space surrounding them, never exiting the border of the piece, and instead, folding and confining themselves into the piece of canvas.

Considering the theme, ’COZY’, relates to the artwork through its opposite. Dom’s paintings have a sense of discomfort, fear, uneasiness, which can be read especially through the dark colours. Further, notions of loneliness, and menace can also be seen within the works, by the minimal figures and objects within a liminal space. However dark and unsettling some of the paintings may appear, the dichotomy of closeness and comfort can be seen through the composition of the paintings, which are filled, with minimal empty space. In some works, the subjects overlap one another, or appear almost in an embrace. Here, the fine line is crossed from unnerving and themes surrounding discomfort, to a small sense of belonging. 

Dom Viggiani 'watch you're step!' collecton of oil on cabas paintings, 2021


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Artwork available for purchase - each piece sold separately.

Price range: $70-250

If you'd like to make a purchase during your time at COZY. Please contact Dom at 0404433655

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