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dr rockets

Dr Rockets has been building worlds through the medium of digital collage since the beginning of 2020 and since then has created over 200 pieces and a lovely instagram community. Inspired by the vibrant Kodachrome images that adorned the pages of the National Geographic magazine throughout the mid 20th century, Dr Rockets uses these images to create an alternate world contained in each piece. Dr Rockets aims to create works that allow the viewer to find the story within and live in that world. Nostalgia is Dr Rockets first exhibition outside of instagram


Instagram: @dr_rockets_art_and_music

Going to the cinema to see a film is something nostalgic for many people. Seeing the world through the lenses of directors allows us to escape and be immersed in the story. The soundtrack to the film helps ad texture and flourish to these worlds and allows the viewer to have an association to the film through song. Dr Rockets has been obsessed with this nostalgic feeling and created 9 pieces which each represent different fictional films. These being part of an upcoming book, each piece is accompanied by a playlist of what the soundtrack would be for each film to help you build that connection and escape into the worlds he creates.

If you would like to make a purchase during your time at Nostalgia, please reach out to one of the Platform staffs (identified by a staff lanyard) or alternatively, reach out at our bar.

We only require a 10% deposit to secure your sale.

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