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Stephanie is a Melbourne based Lino Print artist, Podcaster and Content Creator. Stephanie has been an artist for as long as she can remember but re-establish her love for Lino Printing during the 2020 lockdowns. Since then she has been printing up a storm, combining nostalgic images with issues of human connection and self reflection. If you can’t find her creating in her studio she is most likely hanging out with her partner SJ, and dogs Penguin and Kenzo watching Rupaul’s Drag Race or the latest true crime doco.


Instagram: @cheersthanxalot

What was your first introduction to alcohol? Australia's relationship with alcohol runs deep, stories are shared over a pint, celebrations are had with a glass in hand and always there is a tale about the time when.... If you had to give it up tomorrow could you? Often times we look back on our drinking habits with rose coloured glasses or a sense of nostalgia. The reality is alcohol is a socially acceptable legal drug and kills more Australian's every year than other drugs combined. In an average year aprox 5500 people die from alcohol consumption whereas drugs contribute to aprox 2300 deaths. In this body of work Steph looks at the iconography of classic Australian beers, with an undertone message of the impact drinking can have on ones mental health. The battle between wanting to stay sober and the intoxicating pull of memories from 'the good old days.'

If you would like to make a purchase during your time at Nostalgia, please reach out to one of the Platform staffs (identified by a staff lanyard) or alternatively, reach out at our bar.

We only require a 10% deposit to secure your sale.

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