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Ashley Lara is a Melbourne based multimedia artist. Often practicing in both digital art and acrylic painting, Ashley uses these mediums to express her thoughts and ideas. Her art journey began in the 90’s as a child with her Grandmother teaching her how to paint and draw in the outer suburbs of Sydney.


Usually gravitating towards bold colours, Ashley enjoys interpreting subjects popular among todays society. She likes to communicate topics and elements that make people think, take people back in time, and ones that have a positive emotional effect. She has strong interest in the reasoning behind what makes something become pop culture in todays society and aims to reflect this in her work.



Ashley's childhood memories of growing up in the 90s and early 2000s are ones of hot summers, using the landline telephone to call friends, knowing it was time to get home when the street lights turned on and only needing 10 cents to take to the local newsagent to buy a lolly. Bubble O Bills were Ashley's favourite treat at this time. She wanted to create an artwork that reflected this period that was such a memorable time for herself and others.

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