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akiva pilcer

Despite carving wooden spoons and taking furniture design courses, it didn’t strike Akiva that he might be interested in art until he attended an artists’ market, and was inspired to attempt drawing in 2018. Without formal training, he began using pen, paper, and ruler to create symmetrical geometric shapes.


As he gained confidence, he experimented with free-hand lines and dynamic designs to create abstract pieces and watercolour paintings. Having previously studied Psychology, Akiva is fascinated by the emotional demands that life puts upon us, and his art explores the awe, bewilderment, and joy inherent to these processes of change.


Looking to expand his skill set, Akiva recently completed a 6-month Visual Arts course at BoxHill Institute, during which he experimented with ink drawing, oil painting and printmaking. He is increasingly drawn to whichever medium can best be used to tell a story or express an idea.


Instagram: @waters_of_the_negev

These pieces explore the people, places and moments in our lives that interact to produce the tactile feelings of nostalgia which arise when recalling a specific memory. Photographs and memories distil our experiences into a series of snapshots that become representative of the entire period. The white lines highlight the curious features of an image that our minds select-- such as a woman's sari or the dripping sap of a tree --to imbue with emotional weight when we long for them. Every period of my life is made up of these moments in time. I want to appreciate them as they surround me, rather than long for them when they’re gone. What are the everyday things in your life that you can notice and savour?

If you would like to make a purchase during your time at Nostalgia, please reach out to one of the Platform staffs (identified by a staff lanyard) or alternatively, reach out at our bar.

We only require a 10% deposit to secure your sale.

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